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AN EASY DIY POT PLANT HOLDER FOR YOUR HOME OR OFFICE. Things you need: • Mortar mix (20kg) • Water • Mixing bucket • Trowel • Metal Bucket (Bucket size depends on how large you would like the holder to be) • […]

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Vacancy Vibes

VACANCY VIBES 1. Melita Govender Qualification: Matriculated with a Diploma Pass (2013) Certification Human Resource Management N4 Certification in Human Resource Management N5 Currently Studying Occupational Health and Safety Experience: 5 years of working experience Contact : 072 98 9982 / 0788596346 […]

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Take me There

@saltdym Travel to Thailand #youthdestination #travel #thailand #vacation #khophiphi #island #takemethere #saltdym #youthmagazine ♬ We Are the People – Empire of the Sun @saltdym Take me there – CANADA #takeyouthere #saltdym #destination #holiday #canada #whattodoincanada #youthmagazine ♬ You Got It – Vedo […]

The Stage

WE WANT TO SEE YOU, WE WANT TO HEAR YOU! Forward YOUR talent to: email: admin@saltdym.co.za / saltdym@gmail.com or WhatsApp +27719425732   POEMS BY OUR PEN PALS CLUB MEMBERS:       TOPIC: WHAT DOES HAPPINESS MEAN TO YOU   Name : […]

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